Using Safety Stock without running Master Planning

Ever since I started working in AX, back when it was still called Axapta (version 3.0 if you’re wondering), I have been involved in Master Planning. I’ve used and implemented it in all sorts of industries, ranging from automotive, life sciences, distribution, seed and plant growing, and a wide range of discrete assemblers. Everyone business and industry is different in the level and complexity of planning they need. Perhaps you just need to maintain inventory levels but do not need the complexity, decision making, or extended information of a full Master resource planning or production scheduling system. One way to do this is to input Safety stock in conjunction with the Critical on-hand report. Safety stock in AX is more of a reorder point than anything. If you have seen my Master Planning Unplugged series at either or through AXUG, you can learn all about how it works there, including Min and max inventory levels. For this blog, I’ll just refer to how you can use that level as a reorder point. So let’s say you either manually input a Safety stock level for an item or use the Safety stock journal to calculate a value that you should maintain in inventory. As long as that value exists in Item coverage, you can use the Critical on-hand report to trigger reordering. The critical on-hand report is very simple: if an item has a safety stock value, and the on-hand inventory falls below that value, the item shows on the report to let you know it is “critical.” This allows you to have a simple signal for reordering or making, without ever needing to get into all the other advanced features of Master planning that your company may not require. Below is an example as shown through AX2009 (functionality remains the same in future versions).

I have a minimum inventory level (safety stock) set for items through the Item coverage record:


When I run the Critical on-hand report from Inventory management, it displays which items have on-hand inventory that is less than the item’s specific Minimum inventory level (safety stock):


And just like that, I now know what I need to make or buy without ever running MRP based on my desired stocking levels. 🙂


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