D365FO Spring release

Microsoft just launched the D365 Finance and Operations Spring Release this month. As always, lots of new features and further improvements have been made.


I’d love to get feedback on what people are excited about most and what people think MS should invest in making a priority in their backlog. One of the big benefits of working for a partner in the Inner Circle is we get to provide valuable insight directly to Microsoft R&D teams about what our clients and users of Dynamics think.  So please share your thoughts!

Some of the new features I am most excited about seeing are the enhancements to the mobile workspace. Two things that will be a huge benefit to business users and managers on the go are: 1) Mobile timesheet approval, and 2) Expense management tools on the mobile device. This includes: expense line item approval, the ability for employees to view expense report workflow history, and support for mileage and intercompany expenses. It is the year 2017 and we all need to be able to access information anytime no matter where we are, so mobile enhancements like this will continue to push the Dynamics suite to the forefront. Let’s all hope Microsoft keeps pushing to get these apps in the communities hands!





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